Germany and Iceland

Day Two: European Democracy

We went to see the European Parliament. It's one of the three main bodies of the European Union and the only one that is directly elected by us voters. Despite Covid we were able to do a self-guided multimedia tour and could take a good look at the plenary chamber. What struck us most was the number of interpreters (23 - one for each language in the E.U.) who first have to translate the original language of the speech into English and then into their native language ("relay translation"). This is done to help mutual understanding - a key factor in the European Union.

Day One: Brussels - European Capital!?

The photo shows us in Molenbeek, an inner-city suburb of Brussels and one of the poorer areas of Belgian capital. Molenbeek used to be important in industrial times and is now a melting pot of people of many nationalities.
Brussels is also a very international city  because the headquarters of the European Union draw politicians, administrative staff, and lobbyists to live and work here. Being in Brussels you can hear mainly three languages: French, Dutch, and English.

Day Zero: We are checking (out) the European Union

Next week we are meeting our partners from Iceland in Brussels. We are going to visit the European Parliament and also talk to a member of the European Parliament from Germany. Moreover, we will be looking into the inglorious colonial history of Belgium at the newly reopened Africamuseum and what we can learn from that for the current problems around democracy in Europe and elsewhere.

Meeting a ranger

After our protest against the dying of trees in the Bielefeld forest we got in contact with local rangers to learn more about the status quo of the woods in the area. We met up with three experts in their field who explained to us why the shocking sight of felled trees indicates the critical condition nearby forest are in. However, they also made clear that we need to take a different look at forests if want to use trees as a vital part of solving the huge problems we are increasingly confronted with.
Learn more about what the rangers have to say about this.

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Our project partners from the Hamrahlid College in Reykjavik/Iceland. Here they can be seen visiting the historic site of the "Althingi", founded in 930 and the oldest Icelandic remnant of a long-standing democratic tradition.

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Jan and Philipp of the Bielefeld project team have created a useful brochure on fact checking in relation to news, which will serve as a valuable guideline for many students.